Spectacular show of Israeli folk music and dance in honor of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.

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About the Dancing Team


Mehola is a network of dance schools established in Jerusalem in 1988 that has since created thousands of dancers, trained and nurtured hundreds of teachers and choreographers, produced countless productions, and participated in major events throughout the country. The Mehola schools are spread out through four cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramat Hasharon and Ganei Tikva.

Shlomi Hofman

Shlomi, Shuki’s husband, is responsible for the managerial aspects of the Mehola network: staff management, marketing activity, budget, work methods, and the establishment of the representative groups. For 15 years Shlomi served as CEO of the network he co-founded. Over the years, Shlomi has been responsible for producing hundreds of performances, operating and managing many events, and organizing delegations to the United States, China, Canada and most European countries, where dancers from Mehola have participated in dance courses and prestigious festivals. Together, Shuki and Shlomi have led the Mehola dance company to new heights in Israel and abroad, while steadfastly preserving the family character of the network.

Shuki Hofman

Shuki was born in 1952 and has been involved in dance and choreography since the age of 25. She served as the artistic director of the “Hora Jerusalem” Dance Ensemble and won acclaim in Israel and abroad. Shuki has choreographed for dance companies in Israel and around the world, among them Jewish dance troupes in Brazil, England, Canada, and more. In 1988 Shuki founded the Mehola dance school with her husband Shlomi, and the school became the family’s life work. The representative groups established by Shuki in Mehola are known for their high level in Israel and around the world. For 15 years, Shuki was the artistic director of the Mehola adult group. Under her lead, the Mehola dance troupe won numerous awards, among them the prestigious silver medal in the Dijon Art Dance Festival in France, in which dance companies from 42 countries compete. The Mehola dance ensembles under Shuki’s artistic direction also won numerous awards in competitions in Israel (the Karmiel Festival, the Lahava competition, competitions in Ramat Hasharon, Modi’in, and more), and over the years she has raised an entire generation of dance teachers and choreographers who began their journey in Mehola. In 1999 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs selected the Mehola adult troupe under Shuki's artistic direction to represent the State of Israel at Disney World (Orlando, USA) as part of the millennium events. Shuki has directed and produced many performances, including events run by the Ministry of Education and the Jerusalem Municipality. She has produced dance nights at the Karmiel Festival, created choreographies for major state ceremonies such as the torchlighting ceremony and Birthright ceremonies, and has directed numerous events at the Caesarea amphitheater, Latrun, Teddy Stadium and in a variety of private productions. In 2006 she was awarded the “Dance of the Year” prize granted by the Omanut Laam organization. In 2008 she was given the "Citizen of Jerusalem” award for her achievement in nurturing many generations of dancers and teachers and for her "great contribution to the development of dance among different ages and the creation of a leading cultural and artistic center in the capital city of Jerusalem."

Our new video clip

ANDELA NIR - An international Israeli singer

Andela Nir is a singer with a diverse repertoire of Israel and international music. Born in Jerusalem, she speaks many languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Greek, and others. Her rich and varied repertoire is suitable for all audiences, from beautiful and beloved Israeli melodies of all styles to stirring music from around the world, in spanish, english, french, greek, Ladino, yiddish and more. Andela has released seven albums and performs on the radio and on television in Israel and abroad. She also leads evenings of community singing, for fans of Israeli songs from all generations

Israel Folklore

Daniel Kanievsky

Singer- pianist
Singer and keyboardist with more than 20 years of experience, appears in all types of events, from family events to business events.
For 10 years he plays at the Jerusalem Theater
He sang in different languages and in different styles.

Éléonore Biezunski

Born into an Ashkenazi family in Paris immersed in yiddish culture, Eleonore was initiated into music from a very young age. At 5 years old, she began to learn classical violin and studied klezmer music with renowned violinists. She subsequently perfected her vocal practice with the aid of singing lessons, particularly in yiddish songs. Since 2014, she has been on tour with the group that she manages, Yerushe, which borrows forgotten and, indeed, previously unreleased yiddish songs and melodies from different traditional registers, particularly from that of the pioneer folklorist Ruth Rubin. Settled in New York since 2017, Eleonore draws new musical inspiration, which serves as a source of new projects, from this urban microcosm and the encounters that it provides: Lyubtshe, with the accordionist Lauren Brody, is a recital composed of yiddish songs written by women; Ephemeral Birds, with Jake Shulman-Ment (violin) and Ilya Shneyveys (accordion) is a multilingual and multicultural project that is an ode to passing time. Eleonore currently spends her time between New York and Paris and performs with the greatest klezmer musicians.

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Gates open : 7.45 pm
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